Episode 18: The Amazing Maize Maze

For the final Slow Ride Stories episode, we journey to Lee, NH where we stopped to talk with Carol and John on their farm. Horses, canola, pumpkins, chickens, sheep, sleigh rides, you name it… and an epic race through the corn maze.

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Episode 17: Fish Stories

In this episode, we continue our tour of beautiful Gloucester, MA and talk about groundfish (aka fish that live near the ocean bottom) with some local experts. We visit a commercial fish offloading facility and then stop by the office of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association.

Episode 16: Gloucester’s Working Waterfront

It’s been a big season so far for lobstering this year.  In this episode, we learn about lobsters and talk about the weather and thoughts on climate change in Gloucester, Massachusetts with a locally famous lobster dealer and a cheerful wooden boat builder.

Episode 15: The Science Episode

An oceanographer, a marine chemist, and a couple geologists walk into a bar… and… um… oh never mind.  In this episode, we take a trip to Cape Cod and talk with researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution about science, climate change, and a little bit of politics.  Plus we concoct a little science of our own back in Slow Ride Labs!