During the summer of 2012, we spent two months traveling on a slow motorcycle around the Northeastern United States. The mission?  Interviewing people and recording stories about what different people have to say on the topic of climate change, a subject that many people feel uncomfortable talking about.  The Slow Ride Stories project is built on the idea that the first part of having a difficult conversation depends on understanding alternative viewpoints and building trust among the people involved.  We hope to help humanize real perspectives to the conversation about climate change through our videos.

So with that in mind, the story began in mid June with two friends, one diesel motorcycle, a trailer full of gear, and 2,200 miles worth of road trip adventure hijinks ahead.  Check out the intro video we made before we knew what we were getting ourselves into:

To watch our video episodes, head to the home page.  You can also visit our route map to see where we’ve been, and feel free to contact us with questions, comments, and ideas.

The Slow Ride Stories Team

P.S. For more detail on the project, you can also check out this article from the Donella Meadows Institute in VT.