Q: Exactly how slow is “Slow”?
A: Downhill, with the wind at our backs, we’ve gotten up to 50 mph. But we probably average around 25-30 mph.  Our apologies if you were ever stuck behind us going uphill.

Q: Don’t you think it’s hypocritical to take a fossil-fueled road trip to interview people about climate change?
A: That’s part of the reason we chose the bike.  What it lacks in speed, it makes up for in fuel efficiency. At 100 mpg, we used 15 gallons of petroleum diesel and 7 gallons of biodiesel to go 2,200 miles. We also offset our emissions through a donation to the Yale Community Carbon Fund, a project that funds energy efficiency projects in low income neighborhoods around New Haven, CT.

Q: It’s clear that you guys have some sort of sag vehicle / towing vehicle / support team / etc., right?
A: We’re glad you think we look that polished. The truth is it’s just Erik and Albert on a slow motorcycle, pulling a trailer full of camping gear, motorcycle tools, camera gear, food, and clothes.

Q: What about that shot of you guys riding together in the intro / crossing the bridge in Episode 3 / etc.?
A: All the results of movie magic and/or having a couple friendly locals hold the camera for us.  In that intro shot without the helmets, the bike is actually on the deck of a boat in the Hudson River (see Episode 1).

Q: What kind of camera did you use?
A: We used a Panasonic Lumix GH2 for the bulk of shooting, with a GoPro HD Hero2 for additional action shots.

Q: Did you only interview people you didn’t know?
A: Mostly. Before our trip, we knew the crew on the Clearwater (Ep. 1), Decora (Ep. 3), and Scott (Ep. 8). The rest of the interviewees were strangers. All told, we’ve interviewed about fifty-seven people for the project.

Q: What kind of motorcycle is it?
A: A Royal Enfield.